Celebrating the Success of Our STEPS Class of 2021!


Northeast Kentucky AHEC would like to congratulate our 7 Successful Training in Education Pre-Medical Students (STEPS) who were recently accepted into medical school! Congratulation to: Tracey Standafer, Chelsea Nolan, Jonathan Bach, Matthew Hudson, Kaitlyn Yeary, Tierra Folsom and Kolt Pruitt. We wish you all the best as you begin this next chapter!  

STEPS is targeted at college juniors in or from the Northeast KY AHEC region who are planning to attend medical school. This unique program provides students with Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) reviews and a practice exam, physician shadowing, an application process tutorial, mock interviews and other activities aimed at preparing them for acceptance into medical school. Students from the Class of 2021 accredit STEPS for helping them successfully prepare for the medical school application process:

“Looking back on the MCAT, I think the CARS section was by far the most difficult section for me. I would definitely recommend others to use Kaplan, as I felt it offered great preparation for each section. The Kaplan practice exams resembled the actual MCAT more than any other source I used (even the AAMC practice MCATs), and my overall final score increased 9 points from my first Kaplan practice test. I also used some Exam Krackers and Khan Academy resource material for practice passages, which I felt were somewhat helpful” -Jonathan Bach

“They also asked if this was my first interview, and I said yes. They said I handled myself very well for this to be my first interview, and they were impressed! I definitely don’t think it would have went as well if it wasn’t for STEPS!” -Tierra Folsom

The application process for the STEPS Class of 2022 opens February 1st, 2017. 

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