Regional High School Students Attend Health Opportunities Workshop


The Northeast Kentucky Area Health Education Center held its annual Health Opportunities Workshop (HOW) on March 9 at Morehead State University’s campus. With more than 700 participating students  from 10 different schools,  it was the Northeast Kentucky AHEC’s largest-ever HOW event. Students were introduced to a variety of hands-on experiences to strengthen their knowledge of the health care field. 

"HOW gives students the opportunity to get hands-on experiences in the health care world. They get to see, hear about, and experience different medical field careers offered in our area and learn how to access them.  We hope this knowledge increases students' interest in pursuing a job in health care," said Lainey Mattox, assistant director for the NE KY AHEC and coordinator of HOW 2016.

More than 40 exhibitors were in attendance representing numerous organizations, including the University of Kentucky Rural Physical Leadership Program, University of Pikeville Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine, the University of Pikeville Optometry Program, University of Louisville’s Medical School Simulation, Ashland Community & Technical College, Kentucky Christian University’s Nursing Program, Morehead State University, University of Kentucky Physician Assistant program, St. Claire Regional Family Medicine Residency Program, and St. Claire’s CRNA and surgical group, and UK Women’s Health just to name a few.

Students were able to suture; perform CPR, dissections, intubation, practice inserting IV, take part in a C-section simulation, watch virtual surgeries, simulations of how the brain works, casting and sterile field trainings. Students also received information about various health care fields, their academic requirements, and salary expectations.

Dr. William Murphy, a resident at St. Claire Regional Family Medicine, talked with students about Colon Cancer, and his own dealings with colon cancer. Students were also able to walk through a giant colon to see the different issues that go along with colon cancer. 

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