St. Claire Employees Elected as President and Secretary to Kentucky Rural Health Association


The Kentucky Rural Health Association hosted their annual conference in Bowling Green on November 14 and 15. During this conference, two St. Claire employees were elected as President and Secretary of the 2019 - 2020 term.

Ashley Gibson, (pictured left), Research Coordinator and Patient Navigator with St. Claire HealthCare, of Morehead, will serve as the KRHA President for the next year. As President of the Association, Ashley will supervise all business and affairs of the Association, preside over meetings of the members and the Board of Directors, and may execute any formal documents authorized by the Board of Directors.

“Kentuckians living in rural areas deserve the same quality of health care that urban individuals do,” Gibson said. “During my term as president I will be a voice for our rural families promoting equitable healthcare for all Kentuckians through education, advocacy, and collaborations.

Gibson said one of her mentors, Dr. Tony Weaver, tells a story of a man who lost his flashlight in the dark but went to a lighted area to search for it because it was more convenient. However, “to provide equitable healthcare for all Kentuckians, we cannot only work where it is convenient but rather we must seek out the uncomfortable and go to where the need is. Even if that need is in the dark.”

KaSandra Hensley, (pictured right), Assistant Center Director of the Northeast Kentucky Area Health Education Center, also of Morehead, will serve as the KRHA Secretary for the next year. As the Secretary of the Association, KaSandra will keep complete records of all proceedings, notify all officers and committee members of elections or appointments, and shall perform all other duties prescribed by the Board of Directors and/or the President.

“During my term, I hope to strengthen the organization of our records and improve communication throughout the Association as a whole,” Hensley said. “Additionally I will offer my support to committees so they can improve the health of rural Kentuckians.” 

Hensley said she is truly honored to be elected and looks forward to the opportunity. “Spending half of my career devoted to improving the health of rural Kentuckians through education, I am excited to continue my advocacy efforts on a state level to positively impact access to health care within our communities.”

The Kentucky Rural Health Association began in 1998 and was developed according to the National Rural Health Association and their other state-level organizations. Their mission is to educate providers and consumers on rural health issues and advocate action by private and public leaders in order to assure equitable access to health care for rural Kentuckians. KRHA has over 600 members across the Commonwealth.

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