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November 26, 2016 - This started off as a decent radio show. Sure, we got a little preachy on drug prices in the second portion, but during the third portion (where we discussed the Consumer Product Safety Commission stumblebums bumbling the rubber baby buggy bumper ban), the whole program slowed to a crawl. We have no idea why. Listen as long as you can stand it.


Still our favorite ladder safety tip – keep your belt buckle inside the rails of the ladder to assure that you don’t lean out too far.


New York Times reports on the rise in traffic deaths.  Distracted drivers may be to blame, but their data don't prove it.
Kaiser Health News on price increases for prescription drugs
American Academy of Pediatrics on crib bumpers

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The Health Matters List showGood news: you won’t have to listen long, because this show went south early. Brought to you by lung cancer screening, we discuss how to unlock a cell phone with a dead person’s fingerprint, the Cleveland clinic top medical innovations for 2017, and the “Choosing Wisely UK” recommendations for reducing healthcare costs. Tip: Before you get your lung CT, you must fulfill -
November Hogwash ShowLast month, hurricane Matthew roared up the coast of North Carolina, causing more than $1 billion in damages, and flooding at least 14 waste lagoons from Carolina hog farms. In those heavy rains and flash floods, a new definition of hogwash was born, and Health Matters is anxious to use this new definition for the upcoming November elections. This show discusses the “Gilligan’s -
We’re Just Here for the Boos ShowWhen a fearsome monster wants you dead When terror fills your heart with dread You’d best be wearing shoes with tread Well, it’s not much of a Halloween show. We talk about Ghost peppers, bloodcurdling movies, and the dangers of the night shift but then we digress into Appalachian cancer rates, overactive bladder, and dementia. We don’t think you need to leave the lights on -
We Apologize If Anyone Was Offended ShowWe start with the obvious – this is a messy show. We began by saluting Perdue chicken and slamming brain training games and end with a new acne medicine and the (lack of) relationship between a vegetarian diet and common cancers. When the high point of the show is an article indicating that patients with Alzheimer’s disease die sooner if you try to feed them with tubes, is hard to -
Dr. Larry Goldstein showKentucky ranks eighth in the nation in our rate of stroke; we lose over 2000 Kentuckians every year to this disease. The risk factors are very similar to those for heart disease and include high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, smoking, obesity, and sedentary lifestyle. We can do a much better job preventing strokes if we understand what causes them. Dr. Larry Goldstein, Chair of -
11.5th Annual Fall Fall Spectacular!We really should keep better records. This might be our 11th or our 12th annual fall show. Sponsored by “Shoes with Tread”, we bring you the latest information on tree stand falls, pet falls, Christmas decorating falls, and fall prevention. Throw in a bonus roller coaster study, and here’s a show worth a listen. Tip: The key components of a healthy shoe include a low heel, -
HallowThanksMas showIt’s official – Christmas decorations have been sighted at Walmart. Health Matters celebrates the official start of HallowThanksMas with this discussion on the dangers of Pokémon Go, lack of benefit of activity trackers, and our new business venture selling Amish house dust to prevent asthma. Why not let us distract you while you get your fall flu shot? Tip: the CDC does not -
The “Basket of Deplorables” showHealth Matters has decided to join our presidential candidates in uniting our citizens for the difficult tasks ahead. The show includes important information about influenza vaccine, forming memories, the hazards of sugar, and the recent decline in ovarian cancer. We are simply asking all the normal people who agree with us to unite against those lunatics who have a different opinion. Tip: it -
Bye-Bye Boydie showHealth Matters has dispatched with another producer in near record time. We celebrate Tanner Boyd’s brief stint as Health Matters producer with this show, featuring Kentucky’s rank in healthcare, mistakes and low value healthcare services, and poor quality research on outdoor physical activity and reading books. Farewell Tanner, we hardly knew ye. Tip: Of the nine questions Time -
“Let’s Be Honest” showLet’s be honest: I was in a pickle. An alert listener had pointed out that Rick says “let’s be honest” too much. What would a good friend do? I did not want to make him self-conscious. But let’s be honest: I couldn’t let him get by with such a serious speech impediment. Actually, I say the word “actually” too much myself. Just to be honest, we -
All It Takes Is One Mosquito Bite show“All it takes is one mosquito bite to change the entire course of our lives,” a pregnant woman in Miami told the New York Times. Zika appears to be highly infectious, capable of transmission on American soil, capable of sexual transmission, has an affinity for brain tissue and particularly for the brain tissue of the developing fetus. In short, this is one nasty virus. We believe, -
The NASA Chief Engineer Larry ShowHealth Matters still is amazed that anyone with any sense listens to our show. However, retired NASA chief engineer Larry promises us that he actually listens. We salute him and his lapse in judgment with this amalgam on medical marijuana, the cost of electronic medical records, some new information on suicides, and our favorite Florida beverage, grapefruit juice. Tip: From the FDA, Seville -
The Matters of the 20th and 21st Healthiad ShowWe salute the pomposity and misinformation concerning the Olympics with this offering. In addition to discussing University of Louisville Olympian and orthopedic surgeon Dot Richardson, we talk about heart attacks in astronauts, old people and memory tests, and the six conditions worse than death. Join us for a record breaking performance. Tip: as of August 5, 14 people have acquired Zika -
Salute to Sanders Brown Center on Aging showRecent press reports have touted a smell test to screen for Alzheimer disease. Does it work? Do aging beagles lose their sense of smell? Why do people with Down syndrome have a higher risk for early dementia? And what is it that brings in researchers from California and Duke to do their research at UK? All this will be answered, with a whole lot more information as well. Tip: despite all the -
Salute to Vladimir Putin ShowHealth Matters takes a moment to salute ex KGB agent, judo and firearms expert, law school graduate, Russian president and now US political broker Vladimir Putin. This week’s show includes news on short people, the high cost of medical care in the US, and the price of reversing drug overdoses. It’s worth a listen just to hear Rick and Tony discuss single-serving packages. Tip: if -
Mooning Cancer ShowWe are not the only one’s bothered by the “cancer moonshot” analogy. Pres. Obama announced it, and VP Joe Biden is spearheading the effort to double the rate of advances in cancer treatment. However, if the “moon” is doubling the rate of technological advances, it is not at all clear how we will know when we hit it. At Health Matters, we decided if you couldn& -
Salute to Joseph McCarthy ShowWe will not walk in fear, one of another. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our history and our doctrine, and remember that we are not descended from fearful men. -Edward R Murrow Sometimes we get distracted. Working in rural Eastern Kentucky, we have friends who are Muslim healthcare professionals. Recent attacks against this religion and against racial -
Dr. Terry Bunn Injury Prevention ShowBrought to you by our regular sponsor, shoes with tread, the show features an in-depth interview with Associate Professor in the Department of Preventative Medicine and Environmental Health, and Director of the Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center, Dr. Terry Bunn. She comes to UK after obtaining her PhD in immunology and toxicology at Cornell. As director she has involved herself in -
Juno What’s in Space? ShowHealth Matters celebrates the arrival of the Juno spacecraft at Jupiter with this show. We count our losers – raw cookie dough, Flu-Mist flu vaccine, -
WHO Says Olympic Should Go Ahead ShowOne benefit to the Zika virus outbreak: Health Matters has been deluged with excellent information on mosquito repellents. We share this with you, -
The Presumptive Nominee Replacement Surgery ShowMaybe it wasn’t that funny. Some show titles look better on the computer than they sound on the air. Health Matters celebrates the joy of our -
“Prepared to Diet Anytime” showThe fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time. Mark Twain. Maybe we did not understand -
“In the War on Drugs, They Just Bombed Our Hospital” showIn the last 15 years, we’ve lost over half a million Americans due to drug overdoses. On May 17, at the international meeting of the American -
Good Widdance to Bad Wubbish showWe send our show’s student producer, Hunter Reece, back to North Carolina for his summer break with this mess. Starting with hospital snakes -
Bathroom of Your Birth ShowWe start with zipper injuries to the male diaper area, and the show goes downhill from there. There’s new information on ideal body weights, the FDA -
Change Your Diet, Change the World show“If venture investing is a trustworthy indicator…, Americans can be optimistic about the future of the US healthcare system.” Ezekiel Emanuel. This -
Mr. Peabody’s in Paradise ShowWhat do you do when bad things happen to someone you oppose? Health Matters has reflected on this over the past week, when a fire destroyed the -
The Wall Just Got 10 Feet Taller ShowThis show is our salute to those annoying Canadian listeners who took over our Facebook page, liked, commented, and did exactly what we asked for – -
The Flower Power showHere’s proof Health Matters has lost our last shred of human decency. The show features segments on generic Viagra and a report on plastic surgery. -
Jettison Medicine showIt seems every year our political parties ignore the power of the bumper sticker and elect candidates such as Mitch and Trump, whose names rhyme -