Health Opportunities Workshop (HOW)

The Health Opportunities Workshop (HOW) is designed to give high school sophomore, juniors and seniors an overview of health care-related options that are available to them after graduation. Each year HOW hosts approximately 500 students and more than 35 exhibitors, providing hands-on experiences that relate back to a variety of health professions to help strengthen their knowledge of the health care field.

HOW is open to all schools within the AHEC's 17-county service area.  This includes schools from Bath, Boyd, Carter, Clark, Elliott, Fleming, Greenup, Lawrence, Lewis, Mason, Menifee, Montgomery, Morgan, Nicholas, Powell, Robertson, and Rowan counties.  It features exhibits from surrounding colleges, universities and medical facilities.  Some of the hands-on activities students can participate in include pig and cat dissections, intubations, blood typing, suturing, massage, and learning the sounds of the body by using a patient simulator known as METIman.  

Dr. Donald Frazier, professor of physiology at the University of Kentucky, will give an entertaining and educational lecture on anatomy and physiology using visuals of different parts of the body.  

HOW 2015 was held at the Morehead Conference Center on March 11.  Click here for more information.

HOW 2016 was held on March 9 at the Crager Room in ADUC on Morehead State University's campus. 

HOW 2017 will be held at the Morehead Conference Center on March 8. 


If you are a teacher, principal or school superintendent and would like your school to participate in HOW 2017, please fill out the following forms:

Photo Gallery - HOW 2015