The Northeast Kentucky AHEC offers a variety of off-site clinical experiences for medical, dental, nursing, pharmacy, and allied health students as well as residents at a variety of sites in our 17-county service area. 


  • The Northeast KY AHEC Student Services division will call and request student placement with the housing host.
    • Will include student’s name, type of student, and dates of rotation.
  • Upon approval from the housing host, the Student Services division will contact the student with the host’s address and contact information.
  • The student will contact the host at least one week prior to his/her first day of move in to get information on what time to arrive, where to arrive, and who to meet upon arrival.


  • One week prior to the rotation
    • Fact Sheet
      • Completed and sent to the Northeast Kentucky AHEC Student Services division
      • Housing should be requested at time of confirmation of clinical rotation.
        • If less notice is given, the Northeast KY AHEC cannot guarantee that housing will be available.
  • Accommodations
    • Students may or may not be required to share accommodations with other students/residents.
    • Spouses, significant others, and/or children cannot be accommodated
    • NO SMOKING ALLOWED inside or outside of housing
    • If student cancels housing less than one week prior to arrival, the full amount of rent will need to be paid to the housing host.
    • If student should obtain his/her own housing, the student is responsible for the extra cost over the stipend given by his/her institution.
    • Students will conduct themselves professionally and be considerate of the house rules for the housing site.
  • First day of housing assignment
    • Students will pay the housing host the full amount of stay.
  • Last day of housing assignment
    • Students are to return keys to the housing host.
  • Disciplinary action
    • Students not compliant with the requirements listed above:
      • First offense will be issued a written warning.
      • Any other offense after the first will result in the loss of housing privileges and the student’s educational institution will be notified.


Housing Agreements